Me and Hubby

Me and Hubby

Monday, September 9, 2013

Phew, has it been that long?

Wow! I can't believe it's been months since my last post. But let me tell you, these past six months or so have been oh-so-crazy. Let me fill you in with a brief recap of all the current events:

-April 2013-

Officially done with my Masters Degree!!!

Baby #2!!!!


I took the plunge and quit the job that I was less-than-fond of. I took the opportunity and drove myself, sweet Tennessee, and Sarah home to Arizona for a few weeks. Sadly, this meant leaving David behind, but he understood I needed some time with the family. Especially since my grandfather's health was deteriorating at a rapid rate.


We found out our landlords had decided to move into the house we lived in, and we had about a month to find a new place to live. With me on the opposite side of the country. Awesome. (Actually, it turned out really well.)


Mom, Dad, Tennessee and I made the long trek from AZ back to FL. We got home 4th of July and I was so happy to see to David again. So was little miss T. We moved houses and are still trying to get settled. Not easy being six months pregnant with a (now)15 month old...

Sadly, my grandfather, Clarence Allen, passed away at the age of 84.

July was actually a rough month for our family. David's grandfather passed away on the 6th, a good friend of ours lost his grandfather, and my dad's cousin died of freak heart failure.


Let the job hunt begin! Time for me to make a financial contribution to this family once again.


The news we have been anxiously awaiting since I got the positive pregnancy test - gender!
While we love our sweet little girl, we were hoping for a boy this time around. Both because we want at least one of each, and because I am miserable when I'm pregnant and was hoping to not *have* to do this again. Well, we got our wish! Baby boy Moseley, otherwise known as David Moseley IV, is expected to join us around the first of the year!

Now I'm trying to consolidate our nursery for two babies since T is still so small. And because it's a huge room and makes more sense to keep them together so we can still have an office and a guest room. Wish me luck!

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