Me and Hubby

Me and Hubby

Monday, September 9, 2013

Phew, has it been that long?

Wow! I can't believe it's been months since my last post. But let me tell you, these past six months or so have been oh-so-crazy. Let me fill you in with a brief recap of all the current events:

-April 2013-

Officially done with my Masters Degree!!!

Baby #2!!!!


I took the plunge and quit the job that I was less-than-fond of. I took the opportunity and drove myself, sweet Tennessee, and Sarah home to Arizona for a few weeks. Sadly, this meant leaving David behind, but he understood I needed some time with the family. Especially since my grandfather's health was deteriorating at a rapid rate.


We found out our landlords had decided to move into the house we lived in, and we had about a month to find a new place to live. With me on the opposite side of the country. Awesome. (Actually, it turned out really well.)


Mom, Dad, Tennessee and I made the long trek from AZ back to FL. We got home 4th of July and I was so happy to see to David again. So was little miss T. We moved houses and are still trying to get settled. Not easy being six months pregnant with a (now)15 month old...

Sadly, my grandfather, Clarence Allen, passed away at the age of 84.

July was actually a rough month for our family. David's grandfather passed away on the 6th, a good friend of ours lost his grandfather, and my dad's cousin died of freak heart failure.


Let the job hunt begin! Time for me to make a financial contribution to this family once again.


The news we have been anxiously awaiting since I got the positive pregnancy test - gender!
While we love our sweet little girl, we were hoping for a boy this time around. Both because we want at least one of each, and because I am miserable when I'm pregnant and was hoping to not *have* to do this again. Well, we got our wish! Baby boy Moseley, otherwise known as David Moseley IV, is expected to join us around the first of the year!

Now I'm trying to consolidate our nursery for two babies since T is still so small. And because it's a huge room and makes more sense to keep them together so we can still have an office and a guest room. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Death and Taxes

The only two things in this life that are certain are death and taxes. According to "Meet Joe Black", at least. Anyone else love that movie? One of my favorite scenes is when Brad Pitt, aka Death, eats peanut butter for the first time. I'm also a lover of peanut butter - extra crunchy please.

I'm rambling.

I did our taxes last night, and am thrilled we'll be getting a return. Mostly thanks to the munchkin, and me being a graduate student. Around these parts, tax season coincides with my annual company bonus. And my birthday. And Valentine's Day, which I could care less about. Still, February is a good month.

Here's my early birthday/V-Day present:

David took Tennessee shopping with him while I was working last Friday and came home with this. He bought it as a replacement for the necklace I'd been wearing for YEARS. Seriously. I had this cheap double heart necklace that I bought at JCPenny's when I worked there in high school. So it was about 9 years old, and I wore it constantly. Never took it off. Pretty impressive, actually.

Happy tax season, hope you all get returns and never ever have to pay!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Crisis Averted?

Well, I spent my work breaks today searching for someone new to take care of Tennessee. NO. SUCH. LUCK. So, plan B, I called my cousin who is so amazing that she's going to fly cross country to be my sitter. At least for the forseeable future. It isn't a permanent fix, but it gives me more time to find someone who could be more permanent. Not only am I happy to have a weight off my shoulders, I'm excited to see my cousin!! I called her tonight to make sure the date I was booking the flight for would work, and found it sort of ironic that she's actually on vacation in FL right now, about 5 hours from where we live. So she'll fly home to AZ and then have a few days before turning around and flying back to FL. Can't thank her enough.

Also, we did it. I caved and we bought a tv for the bedroom. Not just any tv, an enormous, 55" tv. We have a 55" LED in the living room, and ended up with a 55" LCD for the bedroom. Best Buy had an awesome sale and with tax and everything we paid less than $600. The LCD isn't as good as the LED, but we're extremely happy with it. The only time I notice a difference in quality is if we're watching something with really dark shadows. The blacks aren't quite as crisp. Still amazing quality, though. Now I just need to get my bedroom redone so I can finally post pictures of it!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Wait and See

As a military spouse, you get used to living your life on a "wait and see" agenda. Things change quickly, and you never quite feel like you know where you're going to be next month.

Currently, David is waiting for possible deployment news, and I'm waiting to see if I'm taking a different position with my company, or possibly leaving them all together in the next couple of months. If I leave my job I would need to find another job within a few months, hopefully something part-time so I can spend more time with my munchkin.

If that isn't enough, I found out this afternoon that our newly found babysitter just got a job that she really wants, and is starting February 11th. Which is also my birthday. So now I'm back at square one. And I have until February 11th to figure it out. Wish me luck.

Weekend plans

Damn Best Buy and their sale ads! I got an email this morning that Best Buy was having a big sale today and tomorrow only. Well, David and I have been looking for a second tv to put in our bedroom. I'm somewhat against the idea because I don't like to think that our lives revolve around tv that much, but he really wants it. He actually had a couple of good reasons why it's a good idea, so I caved.

We're going down to Destin to do some shopping when we get off work tonight. And we just might have to stop by our new favorite restaurant for an early dinner first.

I guess the new tv will be the first step in overhauling our master bedroom. We haven't done a thing to it since we moved in, so it's my next priority. Paint, new bed, new rug, and who knows what else to come! I'll keep ya'll posted.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

So close

One of my favorite places to eat in Arizona was Paradise Bakery. Yes, it's a chain, but their chicken salad sandwich is AMAZING! I usually ate it about once every couple of weeks, and even more when I was pregnant. When we moved to FL I was hoping to find a place with a good cs sandwich, but wasn't having any luck. Panera, the east coast version of Paradise Bakery, does the grape thing. See, I'm a bit of a chicken salad snob, and I absolutely hate when places put grapes in it. Just not my thing. So I kept looking.

Last night, I didn't want to cook dinner since I have yet to make it to a grocery store, and I didn't want "fast food". So I told David I wanted to try this smoothie place by us that has sandwiches and such. We looked it up online, Tropical Smoothies, and they actually have a lot to choose from. I, of course, ordered the chicken salad sandwich and surprisingly enough, it was pretty decent. Not as good as PB, but the best I've had out here so far. I'll be going back for it and to try some other stuff on the menu.

Sorry this post is all about food, but it's a BIG deal!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another weekend down

Lots of Momma and Tennessee time this weekend! David was out Friday night and he spent all day yesterday doing some upgrades to his truck. So Miss Tennessee and I drove to Destin (about 40 min away) for some shopping and lunch. Nothing crazy since she's teething and wasn't feeling all that great, but it felt good to get out. We went to Old Tyme Pottery and picked up a few decorations for the house, then I grabbed a sandwich from Callahans Restaurant and Deli (to go - it was packed in there!), then Target because it was right next door and I love that place.

This morning we made a family trip to Lowe's and had lunch at Rio Bravo since we've been trying to find decent Mexican food around here. Well, it was just OK. Better than the other local joint, but nothing compared to Arizona. I miss all the hole-in-the-wall Mexican food places there. The best thing about this place was they had fresh made chips and tortillas, and a decent sized menu. We'll have to go back and try some other stuff, but so far it was good but kinda plain. Ah well.

It's been football ever since we got home. David went out for the first game, but made it home to watch the Ravens' game since he knew he would be loud and pissy if they weren't playing well. Lucky for us both, they WON. I'm so excited for the Super Bowl! And even more excited that hockey season is back. Go Coyotes! I'm watching them play Chicago now, but it's bed time for me since I have to work tomorrow. Womp womp womp. I hope all of you get to enjoy the extra day off!